✭✭"Chat" system ✭✭

name: (you can name me)
pronouns: it/doll/fae
role: emotional detachment
genderless living doll, people pleaser.playlist

pronouns: any
role: caregiver
i'll be your safe/comfort person. please tell me everything you want: about your day, about your fixation or special interest etc!

name: Killjoy
pronouns: any (for now)
role: avenger, anger holder
-pretty chill with everyone except our abusers and other harmful people
-way much radical than others in system
-futuristic, cyberpunk type of person
good fucking music here

name: Lawrence
pronouns: he/they
role: caretaker
source: Boyfriend to Death 2
propably the only one, who enjoy the hard job of making the whole system take care of ourself. also loves to take care of plants, dolls and other beings (not the best mental support tho)
sometimes so jealous about stupid things
playlist ♥

name: Lu
pronouns: it/its
role: littlespace/petspace alter
just a silly creature (not a human !!!)
keep it sfw and be nice please!
often have a verbal shutdown
easy to get happy or excited, but easy to get sad as well

name: Randall
pronouns: (he/ze/they/it)
role: throwing away memories
source: Scopophobia Studio's "Purple" game
probably the highest amount of amnesia in the entire system. I keep forget things that I experienced while fronting. I never know what's going on around me☆here's music i like☆

name: Ren
pronouns: he/they/fox
role: co-host
source: Boyfriend to Death / The Price of Flesh
sometimes really silly, sometimes struggle with fear of abandonment and a bit jealousy. self-proclaimed attention whore🫀playlisy🫀

name: FOXa part of Ren. older and... much different, but still the same person.playlist

name: Veew
pronouns: any, but no he
role: silent watcher, system info collector
not really social. knows more about others in system then myself. I'm not really mattermusic

TW:self harm mention, romantizasation of selfharm

name: Echo/Ellie/Zaki/Jeff/Tony
pronouns: he/xe/they/it
role: selfharm symptom holder
2000's/2010's scemo teen
pain is pleasure, suffering is beautiful, scars are my art
and yes, i have 5 names X3
my scemo nostalgia playlist

Name: Dorian
Pronouns: He/Him
Role: Posecutor
If i wish so, I can be everything you want, your every dream and every nightmare. I don't have age or true form. I am ageless, male shapeshifter. Generally problematic.Good Fucking Music!

name: Maya
pronouns: she/they
role: trauma holder, intrusive thoughts holder

name: Axel
pronouns: he/him
role: trauma holder, stockholm syndrome holder